How honoring yourself is the key to more effortless productivity

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Welcome to the Magic is You podcast where we talk all about being the fullest expression of you and making the journey just as beautiful, if not more so, than the destination. It's time to say yes to desire. It's time to turn up your magic. The most powerful version of you is the fullest expression of you. Hey. Hey. Michelle here with the Magic IS You podcast, and I want to share the most magical productivity tip ever. I have talked about this in the past, and I want to wrap it up in a pretty little little bow for you in this episode.

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And it is about how to create from the most effortless energy possible. I believe that when we pull the brakes and we really look at our own lives and the season of life that we're in and we ask ourselves, what do I truly need right now? What areas of life am I neglecting in my own life? What problems need to be addressed? What blind spots am I avoiding? What negative patterns are recycling and recycling and recycling and need me to draw a line in the sand and uproot them? Like, really looking at all of the ways in which you need to come to your own rescue right now. And then doing that work and taking as much time as you need, doing the work of decluttering, evaluating, detoxing, releasing, crying, journaling, reading, assessing, organizing, all of that work on your own life. No matter where you are in your life, no matter what season you're in, there is always something that is asking to be seen in your own life. And when you do that work, a couple things will happen. Number 1 is you will let go of an identity that no longer serves you. The second thing that will happen is you will be in alignment with bigger, higher ideas that want to be born through you, but could only come to you once you became a safe space for them. So if you're in a place where you feel like you cannot break free from a certain level of income in your business or life is just the same every day, no matter how hard you work or no matter what you do, you just keep living the same year over and over, the answer is not to put more things on your plate.

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The answer is not this strategy or this tactic. The answer is what identity needs to be purged from your energy, from your body as a result of you addressing your own areas of self neglect and doing that inner healing work so that you can let go of that identity that is tied to those patterns and coping mechanisms that are creating all of the saboteurs and then become a space for the higher ideas that want to come into your life and bring in more money and abundance and health and beauty and vitality, that is the kind of work that deserves all of your attention. And I think what we tend to do is we'll dabble a little bit in in that type of work and then be like, but I need to make money and I need to do my business and I need to get this done and people need this and I need to and we constantly pump the brakes on doing what is actually the most important thing we could be doing, which is addressing our own lives, paying attention to our own problems, putting ourselves first. That is the number one thing that we could be doing, But we're constantly pumping the brakes on that because of all of the pressures of urgent work. And the more that we pay attention to this urgent stuff over here, all we're really doing is recreating survival mode, because it's keeping our patterns alive. It's keeping all of the negative coping, sabotaging, self defeating patterns alive because we never give ourselves the time to really uproot them. And I believe that when we give ourselves that space to really uproot things from their root, not just sprinkle glitter on it or put a Band Aid over it or make it look more more, you know, tolerable, but really uproot the issue, things that may have been plaguing us since childhood, like, uproot the issues, then we become so aligned with who we really are, and that is such a source of power and intuition that when intuition wants to give us an idea, we're able to see it and act on it. We don't throw it into a grinder of, well, what about this and what about that and I got it.

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And we don't kill these ideas that could change our lives. We actually become a space for create creating them and bringing them to life through this energy of, yes, I'm ready. I'm here. Bring it on. I can do this. And that is how I create so much is I I'm I don't do this perfectly, my business will automatically grow because business is just a reflection of that inner work that you're doing. And what I see people often do is they will use their business as a distraction away from that inner work, and then nothing really changes because they're working on their business, but they're not working on themselves. And they're like, why is my business not growing? Your business is not something bigger than you.

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It is a reflection of you. So to work on yourself is to work on your business. So when I'm in this state of purging all this crap that doesn't serve me and being being more aligned with who I really am, then when I get ideas that I know will bring in more abundance and alignment into my life, I'm able to act on it like that. It's not this long drawn out thing like, how how do I get myself to do this? I'm scared. I don't know. I'm not good at this. It is just instantly have the idea, put it out there, bring it to life, make it make the thing. And it's not even just the act of creating whatever it is.

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I actually feel so alive and happy and joyful in that process. I don't even care about when when am I gonna get this done or how much money is this gonna make and who is this gonna help. None of that matters. I'm just enjoying the fact that I had an idea that felt so aligned, and now I get to play with it and create it and bring it to life, and that is so magical. That is the energy of being in a state of flow. That is the power of being in alignment so that when you are creating something, it takes you so much less time than when you try to work on something that you don't feel aligned with. When I'm working on an idea that I feel aligned with, I can get a month's worth of work done in a day. I create things so quickly.

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Like, I'll have an idea for a brand new product on Wednesday, launch it on Friday, make tons of money by Sunday. Like, that is how this works. But what you what you may not see is all of the months previous to that where I have been battling those inner demons, journaling, crying, reading, working on myself, hitting the gym, like, really doing that inner work to get to this place where it's effortless to be creative and aligned and inspired and and intuitive. But it goes hand in hand. You you can't just be in a state of flow while simultaneously holding on to all of this garbage that is creating drag and redo and creating friction and and holding you back. You have to do the work to release all that stuff. So if you ever feel like why do people talk about it being effortless and how it's so easy, what is that even is that even a thing? Are people lying? And maybe some people are. Maybe some people are just using that as a way to get your attention.

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But I truly feel a state of effortlessness when I'm creating from this place of having done the work to release the stuff that was dragging me down. So if you want to tune in to the magic as you approach of productivity, it's not going to entail waking up at 5 AM and journaling and reading and exercising and then hitting It's going to It's going to entail you truly honing in on the season of life that you're in. What is it asking you to look at? What are the issues that keep cropping up in different areas of your life repeatedly, the same story just with a different flavor? Like, what are those blind spots that need to be addressed? And then what does it look like for you to to do that work? Maybe it does look like you wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning before your kids so that you can journal and read your heart out. That's kinda what I'm doing right now. Or maybe it looks like you just pull the plug on your business and you don't do it right now, and you just let yourself be and and see what comes up. Like that season is gonna be different for everybody. I think a whole piece to this puzzle is we kind of lost to that ability to tune in to what do I truly need, because we've just been like, Okay, how do how do your morning routine look and what do you do and what is the best routine out there and we don't really tune into what do I need? Because that is the ingredient that is inherent throughout this entire process is honoring our own desires, our own needs, our own season seasons of life, tuning into that because no one is going to give that recipe to you except for you. So building that self trust to be able to to to to say, you know what? I'm gonna do this thing that I've never seen anyone do.

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I don't have anyone telling me that this is gonna work. I don't have anyone validating this thing that I'm going to do in my life and business, but I just feel like I need to do this. And then you honor it, and you don't pump the brakes. You don't pull the plug and say, oops. I tried it for 3 days and it everything's falling apart, so I'm gonna go back to the status quo. You honor it even if things are falling apart, even if people start to get mad at you because you're not doing what they expect you to do, even if it feels like everything's crumbling to the ground and you're dying. You allow for that because, yes, if your life and your business was built on top of patterns and coping mechanisms and behaviors that weren't serving you and you start to dismantle that, it's going to crumble to the ground. Yes, you're going to feel like you're dying if you've been propped up by these ways of behaving that were really based off of survival mode and you start to let that go, yes, you're gonna feel like you're dying because that is dying.

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That survival mode energy is dying, and it needs to die. But on the other side of that, there is effortlessness, there is magical productivity, and then you're gonna get to a point where you do it all over again. But it's a beautiful thing. Alright. I hope this episode helped you, and I will see you next time. Thank you for listening to the Magic as You podcast. If you would like to join our newsletter, go to secretowlsociety.orgforward/ newsletter. See you next time.

How honoring yourself is the key to more effortless productivity
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