You are the master of your ideas. Let them keep coming.

You are a million, billion times bigger than all of your ideas. There is no reason to feel overwhelmed. You are bigger than all of it.
💗💸 The Abundance Adventure is open!

🎙️ In this podcast episode, Michelle talks about the power of embracing your many ideas and why you don't need to just pick one and stick to it. Let's dive into the wisdom she shared and how it can change your approach to creativity and success. 

🧠 Your ideas are like marbles in the palm of your hand — you're so much bigger than them. You're the master, not the other way around! How liberating is that? It's time to break free from the belief that you should be overwhelmed by your ideas.

🌈 How does Michelle stay prolific and joyful in her business? By choosing to engage only with ideas that spark desire. Taking inspired action, she's able to accomplish in hours what others might labor over for months! It's all about aligning with what truly lights you up. 

🚫 Stop second-guessing yourself and seeking external validation for your ideas. Instead, lean into the creative process and bring them to life with excitement. Every idea, even if it doesn't pan out as expected, is a learning experience that enriches your journey. 

💡 The key filter to decide which idea to pursue: does it ignite a genuine desire within you? If the answer is yes, then run with it! Embrace the abundance of ideas as a gift and affirm that you have space for all of them. You're not overwhelmed; you're empowered! 

☀️ Remember, you're the kid in the playground, not the tiny ant on the ground — have fun with those marbles! 

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You are the master of your ideas. Let them keep coming.
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